Brown Paper   50gsm and 80gsm - Rolls and Sheets
Pattern Paper/ Plotting paper
General wrapping paper

Linerboard & Fluting    125gsm and 235gsm - Rolls and Sheets
Pattern Board
Kraft Board

Newsprint    48.8gsm and 60gsm - Rolls and Sheets
Unprinted matt paper

Tissue Paper    20gsm and 30gsm - Rolls and Sheets
White acid-neutral paper
Wrapping silverware, artwork and food products

Bitumen paper - Rolls
Reinforced and Waterproof Rolls in various widths

Bubble wrap
Reels of 100m in 1250mm width and 625mm width


We cater to industry as well as to the public. All of our products are available in standard reel or ream sizes. Custom sizes are available on request.